Tram party in Arashiyama 21 June 2014

To create special bond between Japanese and foreigners. This is the reason why I hold randen tram party. I know there are many foreigners who want to be friends with Japanese. I also know there are many Japanese who want to be friends with foreigners. I’ d like to be bridge between them.

Finally we invited 48 guests. I really want to express my appreciation to all of guests. Let me explain about the detail of this party.


1, Tram party

The capacity of tram is 40 seats if you get tight in seat with each other.  Buffet style. All you can drink and eat.


2, Night walking in bamboo forest.

As you know, arashiyama is one of the best places in Kyoto. That’s why there are so many people at daytime. But nobody is there at nighttime. Almost all shops would close until 8pm. If you want to feel relax in Arashiyama, nighttime is better than daytime. Be careful in bamboo forest, because of darkness and no light. It will give you good effect with your girlfriend. Your relationship must be closed with each other.


The best thing in this party is the guest’s opinion. “ I’d like to join again” “ It was really fun!” I really want to continue holding that kind of event. Please join us next time!


「日本人と仲良くなりたい外国人、外国人と仲良くなりたい日本人、でも何処に行けばいいかわからない。」双方ともに仲良くなりたいと思っているのに、その機会が少ないことを非常に残念でもったいなく感じ、今回の企画に至りました。電車でお酒を飲みながらワイワイするという特異な空間を演出することで双方の絆が深まる事間違いなし! そう期待しておりました。ご参加いただいた皆様の笑顔を見た時、きっと楽しんで新しい絆も生まれたことだと思いました。









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