First guide for French lady.

Last Sunday, it was first tourist from France. One of my friend, akiko-san introduced me to her. I really appreciate to her.

Her occupation was web-desingner.  Why I said “was”? She quitted her job because of this trip in Japan. It was second time coming to Japan, she really love Japan. I am honor to hear that. According to her, she often read japanese manga in france. As you know, manga is so popular in France. Is she one of geek? It depends on your imagination.

First of all, we met in front of kyoto tower. There is few people. If you meet stronger in kyoto, I recommend to meet in this place. Do not go to kyoto station. There are too many people.

We went to kanjiro kawai’s museum. The museum was so attractive and traditional place. You can enjoy Japanese old-fashioned house. The detail is as below. Please check it out.


She really looked enjoy the museum,  I think every foreigner must be interested in this place. This museum will be my favorite tour spot in Kyoto!

After having lunch in Japanese restaurant ( full set Japanese cuisine, it cost only 750 yen),

we arrived at manga museum, manga is kind of cool culture in Japan. In this museum, you can read manga, being drown your own picture by artist, knowing how to draw picture.

Kyoto is best place in Japan for the people who like to visit traditional place.If you have chance to come to Japan, I hope you select to come here.



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