The Italian lady

This is our third activity. As usual, we didn’t have any plan, just standing in front of Arashiyama station.


But here is the tip how to start talking with foreigner. Please imagine, if you don’t have any plan or lost your way on your trip, what would you do? It supposes that you could try to find the map. Generally speaking, there is the map in front of station, right? So that’s why we were waiting for someone around the map. It was our strategy.


Because of this strategy, we could start to talk with Italy who was looking at map. It was the time to eat lunch, we bought lunch box and went beside river. That place was so nice. You can be relax and feel great! You must go there!


In addition to be comfortable, you can ride on boat for free to get across the river. At the opposite side, there is restaurant. You can drink beer, eat fresh fish or snack. Awesome!!

italyWhen it comes to arashiyama, the bamboo road is the most famous place. You can enjoy great atmosphere, feeling relax.


Before saying “goodbye” to her, I asked her  “what makes you so attract in Japan?” She replied, “ As you know, Japan is very safety compared with other country, but I like atmosphere in Japan. You have everything, like convenient train, delicious food. And also you can enjoy city side and country side, both. That’s the reason why I choose Japan!


Note : 3 things you may be in trouble in Japan. ( According to Italy)


Language : A few people can speak English.

Free wifi : Even Starbucks, you need register first. Be careful.

ATM : We only accept shinsei bank. Its difficult to find it.


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