It was second activity as Kyoto-freetravel. The customer was from Mexico. Two guys, one is lawyer; the other is engineer in medical industry. Before going to main story, I would like to share first short story.

free guide

Actually we didn’t have any plan, just standing and sitting around kiyomizu temple. At the beginning of this activity, nobody asked any help, we could only draw attention such as smiling or said ” Oh, there are free guide “ Just time went past.. But suddenly I was inspirited great idea when I saw two teenagers who wanted to take picture with Japanese beautiful kimono girls just standing in front of cherry blossom. But they were too shy to express their feeling. That’s why I offer them to contact with kimono girls. The kimono girls were really surprised but they accepted this offer. Finally, the two teenagers could get good memory in Japan. They said “ arigato gozaimasu” It was first international contribution for me, I know it was overstatement.

kimono girl

After getting energy from two teenagers, we tried to look for someone looking unhappy or inconvenient. There were two gays looking at map and talking something. “ Do you need any help? “ We asked, but they said “ No, we are fine.” It depends whether the tourist want to get any help or go by themselves. We never pushed our activity. When we were about to go through that place, that two gays asked us “ Do you know what time does the light-up start at kimomizu temple? ” We replied “ It’s 6:30 pm. You have one hour before starting light-up. If you have time, why don’t we go to dinner with us? We take you to good Japanese restaurant” It was the start about our first guerrilla guide.


They are from Mexico and studying Japanese in Tokyo for two weeks. This trip in kyoto was just vacation. Can you imagine why they refuse our first offer? One of reason was their problem in Mexico. If somebody offers something for free in Mexico, it was so strange. According to them, you should imagine that he or she has another reason in this situation. In short, Mexico is not safety compared with Japan. Free is most expensive.


Setting aside that story, they repeated to say, “ we are so lucky to meet you, really enjoying.” I’d like to share where we went.


1, Japanese restaurant

It located around sannenzaka. I am sorry I forgot the name of restaurant.

You can enjoy Japanese chasoba.



The light-up was so attractive and fantastic! It must go!


3, Maruyama park

This park has beautiful cherry blossom in spring. You can enjoy hanami.


※What’s hanami?

In short, it’s kind of flower festival with alcohols.


At the end of this tour, they talked about hanami. When they stayed at Tokyo, it seems that they saw Hanami, and wanted to join but there were no friend. Thanks to our help, they can finally enjoy hanami in Kyoto. At least, our activity made someone happy. It will be our next motivation about free English guide.



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